About Us

Local 420 - Stand With Wisconsin

Local 420 is a product of many years of hard work by Local 317 Business Manager Mark Maierle, Local 310 Business Manager Tom Rosenberg, Local 950 President Greg Beck, their predecessors and executive boards. Although we are newly formed we have a rich history of more than 200 combined years of representing our members, organizing workers, labor movement issues and political activism.

Local 420 was formed in 2012 and has approximately 2200 members working at various employers throughout the state of Wisconsin. 

Local 420 is part of the International Union of Operating Engineers, an AFL-CIO affiliated Union. The IUOE has nearly 400,000 members throughout the U.S. and Canada. The General President of the IUOE is James Callahan.

Mission Statement

Local 420 is a democratic organization dedicated to excellence in representing the membership, promoting high standards of work, productivity and advancing the labor movement.


Unions are a Voice

People with the same concerns often get together to talk and look for answers. That is exactly what a union is all about.  It is people coming together, voicing their mutual concerns. By saying "Union Yes," they make life better on the job, for their families, and for the whole community.

Unions are Families

Our families are shaping our own lives and our nation's life. The working people in unions want to be sure the family remains vital. Changes in today's economy can make that tough. Today's unions are searching for new ways to adjust the challenges affecting all members of the family with ideas like affordable child care, help for senior citizens, and family medical leave for emergencies. By working together to see these ideas become realities, union people are helping to overcome the changes facing the family.

Unions are Working People

Over the years, they have made this country great, bringing prosperity and growth. From actors to truck drivers to teachers to woodworkers, they have worked to make life better on the job through their unions. Today, they are working to make sure that their workplaces are safe and secure as well.

  • Safety - In today's modern workplace, it means having the right to know what hazards exist and what precautions should be taken.
  • Security - With today's economic changes, it means having a voice on issues that will affect an industry and a worker's future.

It is not too much to ask for, just a common sense approach to safety and security.

Unions are Solidarity

We have all heard a lot about places where personal freedoms have been limited. Using our personal freedom - speaking out and voicing concerns - is what trade unionism is all about, whether it is in Poland, South Africa or in our own backyard. 

In places where freedom is budding, unions are there, fighting to make freedom blossom.  Whether it is Solidarnosec or AFL-CIO, when working people join forces to voice their concerns, they are heard.

The Cost of Non-Union Dues

The cost to employees to remain non-union continues to climb. Union workers are now making about 30% more than their non-union counterparts. Also, rapidly increasing health insurance costs are much easier to pass on to non-union workers who lack collective bargaining rights. The best example of non-union dues comes when you look at all the compensation, benefits, promotion criteria, job protection, hours and other provisions that are guaranteed by a union contract. Non-union workers are employees-at-will who have no guarantees and can be fired without cause. Employers often try to avoid the issue of non-union dues by claiming that the Union cannot guarantee you anything in negotiations. The truth is, without a union contract, nothing you currently have is guaranteed! In fact, because you are non-union, the boss could lower your pay or fire you tomorrow without having to show just cause. That is what we mean when we say - UNION YES.